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January 3, 2007 | Filed under: Random Thoughts

Reading this, I really hope that Limewire can pull it off:

Still in the process of settling with the music industry, the P2P file-sharing service wants to start charging its 40 million users $1 per download and share the revenue and user-behavior information with the music industry. But it wants to stay DRM-free. The company hired TAG Strategic consultant Ted Cohen, a former EMI exec, to convince the majors to at least test the idea for six months.

DRM sux and anyone who has attempted to buy DRM music knows it. There is nothing else I can add to this well trodden debate. People just don't want ANY situation where music they own does not work and DRM makes this happen constantly.

I have always held that the value in p2p nets for users is the choice and not the 'freeness'. If Limewire pulls this off, my theory will be tested.

Artists get paid and users get the music they want without the limitation. Best of all, it is simple simple simple.

Its a good move hiring Ted Cohen too. They stand a small chance of penetrating the legal firewall between them and the record execs who want to sell music.

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