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September 22, 2006

Current.TV Comes to Yahoo! Video - TV 2.0

Current.TV comes to Yahoo! Video. Why is this important? Current.TV is the first 'cable channel' I have seen which has learned from what people are doing on the Internet. We have Web 2.0 and they are kinda TV 2.0 - as they say "Created By, With and For Our Audience." Even the ads are made by users! They have been buried deep inside Google Video for a while now (I didn't notice) but now they are a destination site on Yahoo! bringing a new audience and new creators to the network.

I think it is exciting because they also bring a sense of quality to Internet TV... so as well as bringing the Internet to TV, they are bringing what TV producers know about aesthetics and entertainment to the Internet. I love it...

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Coming Soon... The Scobleizer

I have been waiting with anticipation for this show. Sure, it will be entertainment for geeks like me but Scoble gets what can be done with broadcasting interactively with the community that watches the show - he really gets it.

Watch the Video

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September 7, 2006

ZeFrank Will Be A Superstar

ZeFrank creates one of the longest running internet TV shows. His show is terrific because he consistently wraps complex ideas into a package that is super entertaining. You can watch his show just for a laugh, but take away something to think about. Here's his show on Ugly MySpace.

the show with zefrank

One look at his main page shows that he has been playing with internet content for quite some time.

His TV show is stylistically clever because he has defined a simple visual language (very close up, don't blink, fast pade). The downside of this is that we only see one side of him. When I saw his performance at the TED conference I realised that he will be a superstar of the video internet.

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