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October 29, 2006

KBR Convoy Ambushed in Iraq

Here is a frightening video shot in Iraq. A convoy is ambushed and one driver is left behind. He is alone and unarmed.

This video is a great example of news made by unprofessonals. Somehow this guy keeps filming even though he is terrified. What is extraordinary is that this is one long take. Sometimes the camera is showing you the back of the truck but the radio conversation continues. The filmamakers comments will make your hair stand on end. News in the hands of the people.

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October 20, 2006

Martialarts TV

I dropped in on the UK channel martialartstv.com, an innovative channel set up for fans of the martial arts. Here you will find a whole lot of streamed content, downloads for your phone etc. The channel is simple in design but is a great example of a niche making its mark in the online world. OK OK I know the the martial arts are pretty huge so perhaps to describe it as a niche is an understatement, but this is a young channel providing a host of programmes, interviews, documentaries, a great library and of course fights galore, everything from Sanjuro to hard core Thai. The movie section is a little disappointing with just a Bruce Lee biopic and the truly dreadful UK movie Draining Lizards. With the wealth of classic cinematic material out there it is a shame that this all that is offered - or is it that it just a nightmare obtaining the necessary liscences? It would also be great if the channel shared its programming, I would have loved to paste a little window here.

Enough of my negativity! MartialartsTV does what it does with aplomb and if the martial arts are your thing then this is the place to be.

And they want your material so if you are that way inclined get writing, get fighting, get filming!

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October 18, 2006

Sam Has 7 Friends

Samantha Breslow has seven friends.

On December 15, 2006, one of them will kill her.

Sam dies in 57 days...

As soon as you arrive at samhas7friends.com you are hooked. This is a terrific new drama that has been made for the web. It is probably the best I have seen to date. Sometimes it has the feel of Chasing Windmills, but is generally less of a navel gazer.

The writing, performing and production values are of a high standard. The music in particular is fab. 4 different writer/director teams lead the viewer through their own piece of Sam's life.

It really is 'made-for-the-web' right down to each character having their own MySpace page. I am Roman's friend! 

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Welcome Mick!

I am really pleased to announce that our good friend and internet TV junkie Michael Liubinskas will be joining the IAMTHETV bloggers from today. Mick was the Director of Marketing for Kazaa and is now in the same role at Zapr. Welcome Mick!

You'll see that he has already been at it

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Those Pesky Kids

[my first post]

I had some friends over for dinner last night and one of the things we talked about was TV. We meandered across;

- "Six Feet Under is my favourite TV show of all time"
- "Do you have season six of West Wing yet?"
- "I saw this video on YouTube where..."
- "I just don't get reality TV.... but I love Biggest Loser"
- "I really don't know what kids see in this 'whacky antics' TV?"
- "MTV doesn't even play music anymore???"

I tried to find some 'Happy Slapper' video that is worth showing, but couldn't. So here is one that is not worth showing. All the kids are doing it these days..........

What I took from all of that was;
1. We all think we don't watch much TV. We all in fact do watch at least 5 hours of TV a week, more like 10.
2. We don't like the idea of reality TV. We all in fact do like 'some' reality TV
3. We all think that kids are crazy and have no clue. We all in fact also looked the same way to our parents when watching the programs that defined our youth.
4. We all slip seamlessly between different mediums and don't consider them different. I can be as easily entertained by a 30 second video someone sends me as a 24 part series where Jack Bower saves the world again.

It's funny trying to be the change and going through the change at the same time.

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October 12, 2006

Battle The Fox

In the documentary OutFOXed: Rupert Murdoch's War on Journalism (Interviews) [fox news, FNC, media], Jeff Cohen a former MSNBC/Fox News Contributor describes media as "the nervous system of democracy" what then emerges throughout the film is a media envionment which is not just sick but dying, the press is not free it is a victim of the right - it is a Murdoch construct. Perhaps we all know this, however what emerges from OutFOXed is the need for independent networks to provide a more rounded view of the world and this need is not coming from the providers but the consumers. Link tv is an excellent site providing alternative and intelligent news drawn from all over the world as well topical debate. Particularly good is Mosaic 'world news from the MIddle East'.

As Murdoch begins buying up the web Linktv is one of the saving lights of democracy and all that without a bomb or a threat.

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October 4, 2006

CBS - Web Only Show: Hook Me Up

CBS have released a new TV show on the web only. Its called Hook Me Up. It is great to see traditional broadcast producers exploring the web only medium. It is in the 'reality dating' genre where viewers on the net vote for who each contestant should be paired with.

It is interesting to see the emerging business model. More and more we are seeing sponsorship becoming a great opportunity for advertisers. In this case Dentyne.

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