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April 24, 2006 | Filed under: Random Thoughts

I am Phil Morle.

This is a curious mix of the artistic and  technical reflections which somehow connect as technology and media take their inevitable collission course.

This site has been maintained on and off since 2003 when my friend Morten Lund came to Sydney and told me all about blogs. Until mid-2006, this site was a private tool for organising my thoughts about entertainment and technology.

I am very interested in the technology of entertainment and how the new web is democratising creativity as well as spawning new business models.

My history:

  • Between 2002 and mid-2006 I was the CTO of Sharman Networks who make Kazaa.
  • I am a director of Flickbook Pictures who make independent films.
  • I am a board member of KAOS Theatre
  • I am a night elf
  • I am a writer for I am The TV - a blog about new internet video content

I hope you enjoy.

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