The Anti-Internet or a Ying to the Web 2.0 Yang Technorati icon

June 14, 2006 | Filed under: Random Thoughts

This post suggests that Google is killing the economics of content  by creating an opportunity for others to build dodgy (in my opinion) businesses. The company in this posting – NameMedia has the following business model:

  • Buy domain names that users will logically go to for useful information such as Photography.com.
  • Build a website around each of these domain names. Nearly all the links are ad links disguised as content links.

This company has 650,000 domain names which attract 25 million consumers per month – like moths to the flame. They offer no value. They are a business that is 100% setup to make money at the expense of users.

This is basically an adware model. ‘Toolbar’ products do exactly the same thing. When the user types in a dodgy URL, the tolbar will redirect the user to a page of useless sponsored links powered by an ad engine like Adsense.

It is troubling.

While web 2.0/socal media/etc stands in the light, the other half of the internet is making billions in the shadows.

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