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July 25, 2006 | Filed under: Internet TV

Niche TV is here according to Robert Scoble and he is right. Most of the debate ponders how to get NBC onto the web and while NBC certainly need to get themselves onto the web… and fast… this is a tiny part of the video web that is upon us.  It is also the least interesting…

Personally, I gave up listening to generic radio shows on my long commutes into work a long time ago, switching to fresh podcasts directly downloaded to my iPod. No more wacky afternoon banter about Big Brother, now I listen to the kind of conference talks and tech chatter that would bore most people to tears, but I enjoy. Robert Scoble sez:

“But on the Internet I don’t need to dumb down my content. The costs of doing content are so low that if I want to do a cooking show for geeks I can. Just get a $300 camcorder and start putting videos up on Google Video or You Tube.”

TV will now do the same.  Whilst quality does matter, making the content relevant to me is primary.

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