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July 27, 2006 | Filed under: Software I Like

Snocap have just released a perfectly targeted beta product called ‘Linx’.

When I discovered the Lost Prophets on MySpace, I was frustrated that I could not embed the MySpace player in my blog so that you guys could all listen straight away.

Linx lets a band embed a Flash powered playlist/player widget into any website including blogs, social networks, etc that lets users:

  • Listen to samples of the tracks
  • Easily purchase non-DRM’d MP3 files of all tracks via Paypal

Here is the embedded player for The Format.

It seems the perfect way to discover new music. Let the taste-makers tout your wares.

My only gripe at the moment is that it was a complete pain the arse to download all the tracks I purchased. I needed to download each one individually.

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