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August 31, 2006 | Filed under: Internet TV

Jeff Pulver has done a really useful overview of the current state of the art for internet content. He has wisely split up the list into:

- "TV on the Net" - these are websites for TV shows that are, or have been, on TV/Cable and are now available for viewing on the Net;
- "TV Shows Only Available on the Internet" - these are new programs produced for the purpose of viewing on the broadband internet.
- "User Created Content sites" - these are the sites like Veoh and YouTube which offer community members the ability to upload video content to share with others;
- "Sites to View TV" - these are sites like ChannelKing and ChannelChooser where someone can watch commercial TV stations over the internet.
- "Misc" - for websites that didn't fit in any of the other boxes above.

For me, the one to watch is the second category. Like Jeff, I am looking for the new Wayne's World and if I don't see it soon I will have to make it myself!

Me and Xav will review some of the shows in Jeff's list over on I Am The TV.

I'm looking at Alive in Baghdad right now. What will TV journalism become?

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