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September 29, 2006 | Filed under: Internet TV

Last night the TV stayed off and I spent the evening watching the offerings of Revision3 - the internet TV network launched yesterday by Kevin Rose and Jay Adelson.

  1. They get their market: This is a TV channel for geeks. The cookery show, Ctrl-Alt-Chicken is hosted by Diggnation host Alex Albrecht. It helps geeks find a passion for cooking by demonstrating how to cook delights such as Cheese Pie (yes, it is what it sounds like!) and describing food such as Pillsberry dough as "the MacGyver of food".
  2. They get the medium: All shows are what my wife Kellie calls "Garage TV" with just the right mix of watchable people and production values. Non of these shows are expensive to make but all are entertaining to watch.
  3. They get 'piracy': All content is available on multiple formats for practically any device and as torrents for distributed downloads. The shows are licensed under Creative Commons licences and contain no DRM. Their audience does not need to get their fix from Pirate Bay because it is available right now, from the source in the format they want it in. They can send shows to their friends so the audience will grow because they are being referred by people they trust.
  4. They get the business model: They are straight in there with p2p downloads unlike many of the podcasting aggregators so already get that video need not cost the world to distribute. Revenue comes from 50s style sponsorship where sponsors are promoted during the shows by the presenters. If 'Pillsberry' is a company that make ready-mix dough then they should be sending a cheque to Albrecht right now for the MacGyver line. 

There is a simple, but easy to explore website in place today but it is clear that Revision3 has been released at the earliest opportunity and will be updated often.  For example, a Google search reveals that a nice RSS feed system already exists but is not public facing yet.

I'm a fan of Revision3.

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