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September 27, 2006 | Filed under: Internet TV

Seth Godin today blogged about something he calls Microbroadcasting. It is an important, emergent kind of video on the internet that I think will become super-important in the months and years to come. I see 'Microbroadcasting' as the video equivalent of a Google Adlink. Why? Because it makes a powerful tool available to individuals and small businesses that was once the domain of mega corporations. 

Now anyone can have their own TV show and make it available to as few or as many people as they need to, for whatever reason they need to. The example Seth gives is a really nicely produced (though clearly not made by the BBC) show which both promotes a couple of design firms and is compelling content in its own right. It sells their business better than any brochure and was probably made for a fraction of the cost. Now me and Seth are linking to it and I guess the customers are coming.

Seth says:

It's about being more vivid than a postcard or a letter. And now there's room for a billion more just like it.

I think we are about to see a million Wayne's Worlds explode down the long tail of the Internet. This is more than 'video blogging' where people sit in front of their web cam. This is users exploiting the creative tools available today to create fully conceived 'shows'. Seth's right: there's "room for a billion more".

Microbroadcasting... Excellent!

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