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October 18, 2006 | Filed under: Gizmos

Last week I spent $250 (Australian) on a remote for the TV! Even the gizmo loving, gadget king felt that the move was close to the line of reason. 250 bucks on a remote! Come on!

But I have to say, the Logitech Harmony Remote was a purchase that has led to great happiness amongst the whole family. 4 remotes have been sent to the drawer - now there is one remote to rule them all.

Why is it cool? Because, like great software, it is use-case focussed. So, if I press the 'Watch Foxtel' button, it turns on the plasma TV and mutes the main speakers, turns on the sound system with the right presents and turns on Foxtel. The volume keys now control the sound system and I am all setup with shortcuts to my Foxtel Guide and Planner.

And the coolest part is that all this was configured on the web and downloaded to the remote via a USB cable. You'll read the box and think it sounds cool, but it is one of those devices which actually makes life better and creates its own category. If you have more than three remotes in your house - go spend the money. 

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