Pulver: 2007 Will Be The Year That WebTV Competes Technorati icon

October 12, 2006 | Filed under: Internet TV

Business Week:

"Pulver believes that, in 2007, we'll see the rise of a new TV network that will eventually compete with the likes of NBC, ABC and CNN. He believes that this new TV network will be Web-based. And he hopes it will be Network2.tv."

I think Jeff Pulver is probably right about this. TV that is made for the web is about to go off.  Where's the money?

"Eventually, advertisers might be able to do product placement with particular Web shows. And viewers might be able to click on a show character's shirt and buy it online."

This is the Revision3 way. I wonder how network2.tv will go about this given that they don't actually make any content.

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