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October 19, 2006 | Filed under: Internet TV

I just listened to Catherine Girardeau interview Revision3 CEO Jay Adelson and Production Director David Prager. Here are my notes on the podcast:


Adelson: "Our viewership potential is actually greater than television."


Adelson explains how he wants a slow, organic growth of loyal viewers: "We're not aiming to have billions of viewers overnight"

Girardeau: "Are you aiming to have billions of viewers at all?"

Adelson: "Yeah - absolutely."


50K personal investment then 1 million angel funding.


1.5 million downloads / month  (1 million of these are diggnation)

Most podcast/feed downloads are from iTunes Music Store. Downloads = Viewers because iTunes stops downloading from a feed if the user stops playing the files.


18-34 men - "most covetted by advertisers"

Keeping Costs Low

Adelson: One thing I also don't want to do is throw a lot of money at it. Y'know, increase production values and so on. That doesn't buy me anything."

The podcast is here.

I previously discussed Revision 3 here.

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