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January 1, 2007 | Filed under: Random Thoughts

Tragically, since returning to Australia from the Netherlands in August I have found no time to play World of Warcraft.  Mick pimped the game to me and quickly got me addicted last Easter and I have subsequently done the same to most people I know.

I was poised to give up my subscription but started to play over the holidays.  While deleting the tens of characters my 4 year old son creates (that's another story for you), I accidentally deleted my level 28 night elf called Maverra. Argggh! He was an investment of many months and it was almost the straw that broke the camel's back for my subscription... until wonderful Kellie (my wife) bought me The Burning Crusade for Christmas... and now I'm back in and loving it.

So, friends, Morloc is back in Khaz'Goroth. Please join me and help me level! And leave your character names in the comments if you play on Khaz'Goroth.  

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