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February 16, 2007 | Filed under: Internet TV

Some of you will know I have been thinking a lot over the past year about an internet video product for the social creation of content I call Chatabox. There's a mockup screen shown above.

Well, the news is that I have decided to suspend this project and pop it up on the dusty shelf in the 'Things that Never Happened' pile. I do this with only a little regret because I think an entrepeneur needs an idea I learned in theatre from the director Peter Brook: "Hold on tightly. Let go lightly". Its a great idea that says, hold onto your beliefs and your ideas, fight to make them real... but know when to let go and walk away.

In this case I have spent a year talking to various people in attempt to fund the dream becoming a reality, but now its just too late. The window has closed and there is too much competition to make it worth doing without a good war chest to go at 'em. I think Chatabox would have done it better than Jumpcut, Eyespot, Lycos Mix and Dabble but just being good isn't enough in this very competitive market.

One day I will post a fuller description of Chatabox to this site so to at least get the ideas out there.

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