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February 20, 2007 | Filed under: Random Thoughts

Startup Review has published 7 Indicators of Consumer Internet Success. Number 2 is one I hadn't thought of before but it's smart.

2. Strong ability to leverage natural search as the primary means of user acquisition

When I consider my own experience this is a powerful idea. First, I rarely use bookmarks now, I just Google the rough name of the site or concept and then follow the link from search results. I am rarely loyal to individual sites. I'll go where Google sends me in most cases.

Secondly, I often find Wikipedia or Digg pages in Google results these days. These sites use the user-generated model to carpet bomb search results, often matching precisely to niche search queries.


  • Have a user-generated dimension to feed the content
  • Make sure search engines can read the content of the page, even if the site is Flash-based, podcasts, vlog...
  • Make everything linkable

Read more on VentureBeat.

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