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August 22, 2006 | Filed under: Internet TV

If a TV Producer asked my for some tips for working with the Internet as a distribution channel, here is what I would suggest:

  1. Start today: Avoid the innovators dilemma and start making some content that STARTS on the net and makes revenue from the net no matter how small it is today. This may be your main revenue stream in 5 years.
  2. Remember that fans talking to fans is what makes something popular on the Internet: Make it EASY for anybody to promote your content for you. Not just possible, but EASY. This means find ways to let them view it on their choice of device with their choice of software. Let them link to specific sections when talking about it. Let them embed your content (or at least sections of it) in their blog or social networking site like myspace.com. Using something like Brightcove lets you stay focussed on the content and they will build the pipes to feed your content through to multiple platforms.
  3. Let go of the 'mainstream' concept: Well, don't let go altogether but realise that the net means that you can distribute high quality content, direct to an audience without a middle-man at a low cost. This content can be custom-shaped to appeal to a precise and measurable demographic that appeals to the advertisers you want to attract. Google's building the technology to feed the ads into your content. Are you ready to do something with it? Consider code.tv. Here is a 'tv channel' designed to make content for only a few hundred thousand people, but will attract high-value ad revenue.
  4. A sale should be no more than one click away: Find ways to sell your content from directly inside fans own web pages. Look how this is already happening in music. For example, let users show a section of your content in their MySpace page and offer their friends a quick link to purchase a download license. A 'sale' could be getting them to watch your ads or to buy your stuff on subscription or a la carte.

These are the big ones. Here are some other things worth considering:

  1. People like to see themselves and their friends in the media.
  2. Allow people to re-mix and mashup your content. People don't consume mashups instead of the original.
  3. Watch what users are making and learn from it.

Here is bundle of my TV thinking from the past few months:

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