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September 26, 2006 | Filed under: Random Thoughts

Yesterday I posted Where For Art Though Adam Curry? In it, I wondered why Adam (a veritable meme of my 2005 feeds) was not on my radar in 2006. Could this be due to the feeds I had limited my horizon to or is something else going on? 

Since then, Adam saw my observation and pointed me to look at the Alexa chart for dailysourcecode.podshow.com to show that, apparently, Daily Source Code popularity has been increasing.

Frederic at Lastpodcast.net points out that Alexa only reports stats on the top level domain and not subdomains so these stats are for all of podshow and not for DSC specifically. So changes to DSC traffic are still unknown. And what's Odeo doing that Podshow isn't?

But Adam, it wasn't (and this isn't) 'research' and certainly wasn't an attempt to out some secret failing of podshow. I really hope podshow is doing terrifically well. I like your style and I admire what you do. It's fab that you immediately challenged my afternoon meanderings.

But I am still wondering why I don't hear much about you and Podshow in my news horizon...  I look for this kind of news every day and you are just not on my radar anymore... so the question is sustained in my own mind... is it just me? Or is the conversation not huddled around podshow...?  And if it isn't... why?

One answer to this may be that the conversation IS there but it is in the podcasts now and and not in the text blogs than I read.  But that too could be disappointing, indicating that the listeners = the creators and the market is not growing.

Is there a useable podcast/vlog equivalent to Technorati that I can use to track the audio/visual conversations? Anyone?



Disclaimer: This is not 'research' :-)

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