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September 25, 2006 | Filed under: Random Thoughts

There was a time just before the creation of Podshow.com when I was an Adam Curry junkie. I listened to DSC religiously. Now I don't. And I am not alone:

alexa website statistics by alexaholic

The embedded chart above seems erratic. If you see "Not in the Top 100,000" try this link.

The stats show when curry.com was the go-to place for those who wanted to be involved with the genesis of podcasting, and now that the market has exploded and fragmented some of us have departed.

But I don't hear much/anything about him or podshow.com on my feeds (which I just added to my sidebar using the cool Grazr - here is the OPML). Am I just tuned out or is podshow etc not getting meme action? Do more people consume podcasts these days and the market is fragmented all the down the long-tail... or is the market flattening?

It could be a sign that the initial innovators aren't always the best people to take the idea forward to the next level.

Anyway, time to stop these intellectual meanderings and get back to work...


Fredrik picked up my meanderings...
Adam disagreed with me...
Mick thought he doth protest too much...
I responded...

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One of the dangers of transplanting your main URL is you can lose some Google Juice when people look for you at your tagline. So if you're looking for DSC and Adam Curry, you probably need to consult your lexicon. I think he's parked at dailysourcecode.podshow.com and perhaps he's also doubling as adam.podshow.com because my Google Reader drops his show twice into my aggie.

I cannot imagine that he's diminishing in real influence because his real voicemail callers are from all over the map and he's getting comments from people who would never podcast themselves.

Posted by: Bernie Goldbach at September 27, 2006 5:58 PM

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