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September 25, 2006 | Filed under: Gizmos

The TOMTOM 910 is one of my favorite gizmos but I want more. It seems like such a small step for them to introduce a community web service that allows users to add themed, specialist Points of Interest (POI), routes, etc. I want to be able to do these things:

  • Add a widget to my blog that allows TOMTOM users to get to my office. Other business can exploit this kind of things in a big way... see next point.
  • Download a collection of POIs for a specific busines. For example, in Australia we get vouchers from supermarkets for specific garage chains to get money off petrol/gasoline... so I only want to fill up at Caltex garages. I want to only show Caltext garages as POIs and Caltext should be able to give me that data.
  • Upload cool routes to a community or put on my blog. For example, I know a much quickers way from Hornsby to Sydney than TOMTOM recommends. I should be able to press 'Record' on my TOMTOM and then upload the quick route for others to benefit.

If TOMTOM could offer these, they woudl blow the other guys out of the marketplace.

Google Earth and Google Maps are leading the field with this kinda thing but they aren't in my car like the TOMTOM. Or perhaps TOMTOM should do a deal with Google and utilise all the KMZ files already out there.

Update: Wow! It looks like it is already technically possible and TOMTOM simple under promotes what could be their killer feature! 

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