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August 9, 2006 | Filed under: Gizmos

Earlier in the year I was on holiday in France and chose to rent a Sat Nav device with the car. I confess that I did this for fun and secretly thought it would not be hugely useful. But I knew that my inner-geek would be satisfied while away from my other addictive gizmos.  In fact it was terrific. ‘Delores’ (as it became known)910 was never wrong, allowed me to look out of the window instead of looking at a map and prevented many a driver/navigator temper tantrum.  

And so it was that my amazing wife, against all her instincts, bought me a TomTom 910 for my birthday last week.  My new Delores is fab! It has all the usual stuff (detailed maps, accurate GPS) and some extra things like real-time traffic analysis, hands-free phone calls and iPod control.

What’s lacking are the community features we all now expect now that we have Google Earth/Maps.  Its all in there because you can download routes from the website, locate buddies… but it is included in a proprietary way and does not encourage upload.

Easy one – upload points of interest (POI in TomTom speak) that are missing. For example: If you find a petrol station that is not in the TomTom and you are sitting there getting a refill, you should be able to send it to the server.

A bit trickier – Wouldn’t it be cool if you could drive around and comment on interesting things and the audio commentary is sent with the route. ‘Look to your left at the old Soviet building…’

Oh, and thanks Mick!

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