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November 17, 2006 | Filed under: Internet TV

I have been speaking with a few 'big brand' advertising executives recently and heard that advertisers are generally still resistant to buying inventory on the web. I must be missing something because I also understand that:

  • Every year they get less eyeballs for each $ they spend
  • Young people (in particular) are migrating to the web from other media like broadcast TV
  • Web advertising can be targeted more precisely
  • Effectiveness of web advertising can be measured more precisely

Perhaps the extraordinary Jay-Z ad for HP (below) is a sign of change. Slate is reporting that, whilst these ads were expensive to make, many were only released onto the web instead of broadcast TV slots. (Thanks Anil for the link.)

I think it also shows that quality counts. Right now audiences are enjoying the explosion of unique, relevant, unusual stuff that is coming out of our long-tail big bang. It feels fresh and invigorating against the mainstream noise of big media. 

But when something with higher production values is dropped into the same mix, it stands out like a candle in the night. I was looking around YouTube yesterday and found Kiwi (below). The creator sez:

My Master's Thesis Animation, which I completed while I was at The School of Visual Arts in New York City. Created using Maya, After Effects, and rigged using The Setup Machine by Anzovin studios. If you would like to download there is a small version at my website: www.donysanimation.com

The music is orginal and is by Tim Cassell, someone I went to highschool with. The music will be available for download very soon.

Made by a student and his high school buddy, this has been watched 2.2 million times - and deservedly so. The comments show that the audience loves it. It is a candle in the night at YouTube.

So in the years to come, as production values rise, will we still be watching relevant grunge like Revision3 and Rocketboom? Or will we have moved on? 

While I have you, check this out. It's so much fun to be in an era where users have the tools to interact with a brand in this way. I am not sure HP would approve, but I wonder if it is a negative effect? Perhaps it indicates that the ad, and the brand, are getting good meme action?

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